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About us

We use and deploy GNU/Linux® since 1996. We have more than ten years experience with using and deploying other UNIX® variants.

We don't "play" with GNU/Linux® installations. We didn't boot one of the many Linux® Live CDs, bought a book and called ourselves "experts". We work solely with GNU/Linux® installations (except when integration them with heterogeneous environments). We do the system administration of GNU/Linux® systems on a business level for years. We develop lasting concepts for your IT infrastructure. Whenever you commission us to solve a problem our experience with live systems and problems works for your advantage.

We are specialised in finding solutions for small and medium companies. Together with our network of partners we also work for big companies and organisations that have an equal need for customised implementations and solid system management. GNU/Linux® ist the bridge that enables small companies to use enterprise-grade solutions such as powerful server systems, stable applications, network performance, security awareness and automated processing of data.

We offer trainings so that you can take advantage of our expertise by means of continuing education. We can organise lectures, informal talks with your employees or workshops with selected topics from our knowledge base. Tell us about your ideas for trainings and we will suggest a concept.

Rely on our specialised knowledge, just as our customers did.

Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries. GNU is short for the GNU project that founded the Free Software movement.