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Windows 10 is not suitable for business use

Windows 10 is released and Microsoft® rolling it out worldwide. Of course, the new operating system has many great features, which make life and possibly even work easier. Unfortunately, to use it you have to consent to the new Terms of Use, which involve a number of risks for companies. One should therefore think carefully about whereto apply Windows 10. Especially in sensitive areas, the handling of customer data and confidentiality agreements, we strongly advise against it.

  • Windows 10 transfers data to Microsoft® servers by default. This includes information like visited websites, bookmarks,names and access to applications, websites, hot-spots and wireless networks used.
  • Windows 10 generates for each account on each device a unique identification for the purpose of tracking by third parties and for the creation of user profiles.
  • When using the Bitlocker disk encryption for Windows 10 the key to recovery is saved on an Microsoft® OneDrive account. You hand out the key to your own data.
  • Windows 10 collects information about connected devices, software data and associated networks. This data also gets transmitted to external servers for further analysis.
  • After activation Cortana, the Windows 10 language assistant, collects data from your user profile, media files, alarms, personal calendar, screen lock times, websites you’ve visited, online purchases, Bing searches and voice records. Personal contacts, appointments and voice records are passed on to unknown servers.
  • Microsoft reserves the right to use personal data, to save it and to pass it on to third parties - including personal emails, private communication and all personal files.

These Terms of Use render it impossible to use Windows 10 for business. To use Windows 10 means to break any non-disclosure agreement and any contract which governs the disclosure and processing of customer data by third parties. This is also true if suppliers are running Windows 10. Also any business communication is disclosed to third parties.
We strongly recommend to look for alternatives and not to process any sensitive information such as customer data or the like with Windows 10 systems.